Eraser: Reborn

Action, Adventure, Suspense, Thriller

  • 2022
  • R
  • 1h 42m

(CC) MASON POLLARD is a U.S. Marshal working in its high-stakes, highly classified witness protection program. RINA KIMURA is the wife of an international crime syndicate boss, who's agreed to testify against her husband in a desperate move to escape his criminal world. When there's an attempt on Rina's life, Pollard is brought in as a next level, last resort to 'erase' her - fake her death and move her off the grid, deep into hiding across the world in Cape Town, South Africa. Pollard isn't sure he can trust Rina, Rina isn't sure that life in a government program is much better than life as a mob wife. In fact, she has a secret plan to carve out a whole new future for herself. Pollard must now keep himself and Rina alive against all odds. They must work together - and trust each other - to save themselves and stop an even larger criminal plot from unfolding.

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